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Hippy Chic Presents at Sustainable Charter School

By Hippy Chic Designs | January 25, 2017

Hippy Chic/HERO owner and creator Dale had the opportunity to present at Kahala Charter School SEEQS, The School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability, and it was AMAZING!

At the school the students learn their regular math, English, history, and other subjects, but for 90 minutes, 4 days each week, the students have a sustainability study, which is to result in their own sustainable product or sustainability project at the end of the year.  A HERO supporter from the school found us at a local farmer’s market and invited us to come speak to approximately 45 6th-8th grade students at Seeqs about what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and more.

The children and teachers were intrigued and had tons of questions, and it was our pleasure to answer them! We discussed how much firehose we save each year, the process of making it into what it is, and the thought process behind the name, the marketing, and the entire business in general, giving them an idea of how an actual sustainable company works. They even had amazing suggestions for things we haven’t considered yet! Oh, how amazing young minds can be!

For us, seeing our future generations be truly inspired about what we’re doing to help the environment and the heroes who inspired the line, showing them that it’s possible for anyone to be an environmental hero, really inspired us, too. Thank you so much for having us, Seeqs and students! We hope to see you and your projects again at the end of the year!

To learn more about SEEQS and their mission, check them out at

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