HERO Coffee Sleeve

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This awesome HERO firehose coffee sleeve is sure to bring life to your morning! Lined on the inside with the lining of the firefighter’s turn out gear for insulation, this drink accessory will make sure you and your coffee stay HOT!

Small HERO Fire Hose Foot Stool
Medium HERO Fire Hose Foot Stool
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  • Repurposed from decommissioned fire hose and backed with the liners from firefighters jackets for insulation
  • Durably designed with Velcro closure and curved shape to fit most shaped cups
  • Limited edition due to varied nature of the material and availability of fire hose
  • Handmade in Hawaii with our Heroes in mind

Our Pledge:

  • In order to support the heroes who inspired us, our Give Back Program donates a percentage of your purchase to firefighters and burn victims

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Yellow with Green Thread, Yellow with Orange Thread

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