Medium HERO Fire Hose Foot Stool

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This HERO Fire Hose Foot Stool is made using decommissioned fire hoses.


Perfect for an extra seat, coffee table, or propping up your feet – this up cycled, versatile and durable foot stool is the perfect addition to any room in the house.

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HERO Fire Hose Foot Stools are made using decommissioned fire hoses.  When fire hoses can no longer be used to put out fires and save lives – most fire departments have no choice but to throw them away.  By saving these landfill-bound hoses – we give this worthy material a new life.  When you purchase of  a HERO Fire Hose Foot Stool – you give this fire hose a second story.

Product Details

  • HERO Foot Stools start with a strong interior redwood box
  • Next we add a foam layer to for protection and extra cushioning
  • The exterior of each stool is then woven using the repurposed yellow canvas outer layer of decommissioned fire hoses
  • The look of each stool can differ slightly due to the natural variations that result from a first life of fighting fires and saving lives
  • Like all our products – your new foot stool is handmade by our awesome production crew exclusively in Hawaii, USA .  And as always – made with our Heroes in mind
  • Built to last – We stand behind our workmanship

The exact look of your limited edition product varies due to the natural differences and history of each individual decommissioned fire hose.  Luckily this just adds to cool factor of this amazing product!  Fire hose we have on hand is always changing, so if you love this one – Order now while we’ve got them!


  • The Medium HERO Fire Hose foot stool is a 15 inch cube and weighs 17 lbs
  • In addition to being perfect for putting up your feet – these also make a great extra seat or small table
  • At 15″ high, this foot stool fits easily under tables for storage


  • We are proud to support the heroes who continue to inspire and motivate us by Giving Back.  Customers who purchase HERO products are also supporting firefighters and burn centers through our Give Back Program.

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