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Earth Day Environmental HEROES

By Hippy Chic Designs | April 22, 2017

While we’re busy moving our workshop, we’d like to share this article with our fans that give some great ideas on being more sustainable…something we always strive to do at Hippy Chic Designs! Join us in our quest to be environmental HEROES! Go to the article HERE

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Hippy Chic Presents at Sustainable Charter School

By Hippy Chic Designs | January 25, 2017

Hippy Chic/HERO owner and creator Dale had the opportunity to present at Kahala Charter School SEEQS, The School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability, and it was AMAZING! At the school the students learn their regular math, English, history, and other subjects, but for 90 minutes, 4 days each week, the students have a sustainability

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So thankful for our HEROES!

By Hippy Chic Designs | December 26, 2016

We’re super thankful for all the heroes that worked on their Christmas holiday so that we could all spend ours safely with our families. Hippy Chick Jen took a few hours on Christmas Day hopping around to several fire stations in her hometown of Arlington, Texas, to deliver chocolates and say Thank you and Merry Christmas to

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Merry Christmas from the Hippy Chicks!

By Hippy Chic Designs | December 20, 2016

What a month! From private home trunk shows, to holiday craft fairs, to our regular markets, we stayed CRAZY busy! We appreciate our tribe’s support so much, and LOVED meeting new fans and seeing returning supporters come back for more! We had some awesome fan submissions this month…check out this firehose Christmas tree from firefighter

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Hanging with Uncle Clyde Aikau

By Hippy Chic Designs | March 6, 2016

We had the privilege and honor of meeting Uncle Clyde Aikau at one of our Kailua Farmer’s Market events! He talked story at the booth next to us, and even came over to say hi and get a quick photo with our Hippy Chicks. This 66 year old surfer and legend honored his brother and

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