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Thank You, Austin, Texas!!

By Hippy Chic Designs | May 10, 2016

Thank you Austin, Texas! Owner Dale and Hippy Chick Jen had the opportunity to travel all the way from Hawaii to Austin, Texas for this amazing event, The Old Pecan Street Festival! We spent the days and evenings before the event training our sales helpers (who ROCKED, by the way!), organizing product displays, and finishing up production of our upcycled firehose Hero belts so that we’d be ready for the awesome crowd of Austinites that fell in love with our accessories! Our limited edition Longhorns belts that we created just for this event flew off the ladders, and we completely sold out of several products! We met tons of awesome people and, of course, enjoyed some of the live music scene and awesome food that Austin is known for!

img_6863 img_6881

We had the privilege of meeting Hero Firefighter Josh of Travis County Fire Department, who helped us rescue a whole load of decommissioned firehose that had already been doomed to hit the landfill! What fun it was lugging THAT through the airport to bring back to Hawaii for production, but we’re so glad we were able to divert and upcycle it! Thanks Josh! We’re stoked for the new belts, wallets, keychains and other gear that will come of this!

img_6883 img_6882

All in all, this event was fantastic! If you missed out or want to add to your event score, you can still find our cool gear here on our website! Also, be sure to check our event calendar for upcoming events both in Hawaii and all around the USA! While you’re at it, give our Facebook page a like (Hippy Chic Designs), and our Instagram page a follow (@hippychichawaii)! Thanks again, Austin!


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