The Heart Of Hippy Chic

The Heart of Hippy Chic

We are a small company with BIG ideas! We’re repurposing tons of decommissioned fire hoses into durable and cool accessories – saving them from the landfill and giving you sustainable style.

What we believe:

  • What you wear should not only make you feel great – but should also make a difference
  • Upcycling is WAY better than throwing things away
  • Businesses big and small should give back to their communities
  • Supporting local business matters
  • Even a small company can make a BIG impact

We believe in the power of people to make a difference. Your purchase enables the creating of more local jobs, reduces landfill waste, and supports everyday heroes and burn victims. Join us in our mission to create a sustainable world and to support the heroes that inspired our lines!

All Hero and Hippy Chic products are handmade by our local team, empowering our communities through sustainable fashion. We’re dedicated to quality and value in each of our durable, eco conscious accessories, and we stand behind our products.

By repurposing decommissioned firehose into durable and stylish belts and accessories, we help make you look good. By donating a portion of all Hero sales to heroes and burn victims, we help make you feel good, too.

Who Are These Hippy Chicks Anyway?

Support Crew

The Hippy Chic World Could Not Turn Without The Help of Our AMazing Hippy Chic Crew

 From sewing, to selling, to promoting our products, they jump in as need and bring their great energy to our awesome company! So many friends, former students, and fans have pitched in to make Hippy Chic Designs what it is today. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and love over the years as this idea has grown and continues to spread.

Special shout out to Tia, Angie, John, Beth, Steve, Angel and Tommy. Love and appreciate you all!

It's so much fun being a part of the Hippy Chic team!

It's the People That Make a Difference